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The two driving minds behind The Greatest Magic Show - Sam Hume & Justin Williams - first met way back in 2012 at the Melbourne Magic Festival hosted every year in Victoria, Australia. A friendship was instantly formed, as the two so beautifully complemented each other's skills and performing styles that the two began producing, designing and performing in public shows around the city.

In 2018, the duo would form their company Showmen Productions, with a shared dream to take their brand of magic as far across the planet as possible! Since the birth of Showmen Productions, Sam and Justin have created and internationally toured 2 MEGA magic shows: the family-friendly spectacular -  ‘The Greatest Magic Show’ , their hilariously raucous, 18+ only, evening show -

‘Adults Only Magic Show’!


The two current flagship shows are set to tour the world in 2021, with extended seasons as apart of fringes in Perth, Adelaide, NZ, Brighton, Paris, Edinburgh and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival!




Executive Producer

Sam Hume

Executive Producer and one half of the comedy duo, Sam has been involved in the entertainment industry for many years – starting off performing he’s own solo magic shows at just 13 years old!


With a background in marketing, Sam has worked alongside various Australian producers and companies on shows in casinos, theme parks and theatres in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Scotland and New Zealand!

Justin Williams

Creative Director and the other half of the duo, Justin, has 15 years of experience performing as both a magician and circus performer. An extremely creative mind, Justin strived in designing and creating stage effects that had never been done as they were too far beyond people’s wildest imaginations!

He's wild and crazy creations form the heart of the show, and alongside Sam he continues to innovate magic, comedy and circus in every show the duo performs.



Creative Director

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